Tuesday, June 17, 2008

(10) Ahlulbayt esteem

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "No reward do I ask of you for this (missionand his guidance) except to be kind to me for my kinship (Imam Ali Pbuh & HAzrat Zahra SA-) with you."

42. Ash-Shûra (Consultation) – Ayah 23

Indeed, to seek the god pleasure you must have amour of Ahlolbayt because you see in noble Quran (as mentioned above) when the god say to his prophet about his right instead his prophecy discuss about esteem his kinship. Then if we regard this subject in our life we can be succeeding otherwise we are of the people who are the losers.
Ok; Today I come with six Vista style wallpapers for Ahlebayt lovers. Those are all about Ahlebayt –PBUT- in expound Imam Ali pbuh, Imam Hussein pbuh, Imam Sajad pbuh, Imam Reza pbuh, Abalzal Al_Abbas (Imam Husseins loyal brother) pbuh, & Ali Akbar (Imam Husseins biggest son). I share these wallpers with very high quality and full HD resolution(1920×1080 px) each one may be about 300 ~ 400 kb so it's ideal for a background picture.
thank you

 Abalfazl pbuh

 Aliakbar pbuh

 Imam Ali pbuh

 Imam Hussein pbuh

 Imam Reza pbuh

 Imam Sajad pbuh

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