Monday, June 30, 2008

(12) Woe Unto Backbiters

Salamon Alaykom Va Rahmatollah

In this post I want remind me first and you something from Quran and Sonah that is very important for this world and hereafter too and certainly much.

The subject is AL GHEIBAT (backbite). This is one of the very grate sins that sorted in MÃSI ALKABIRAH (grate sins). It can be ruinous factor for AL Eiman (belief). Allah Sobhanho Va Tãla resemble backbiters to some one who eat the flesh of his dead brother and then say do you like to do it? Certainly you would hate it. This example can help us to font commit this sin if we remind the example at the time we came in adventure. Another controlling way versus slander absent one is that we remember that Allah has concealed the sins that we committed witch may be they arm or bigger than our brother. I think these points would be very useful.

Ok, wallpapers that I present here for today are about our today discussion. They can be set on your monitor screen for some days to remind you with every look that you have to don’t backbite. This is the practicable way to upraising our capability against NAFS (oneself, sensual leader). This is biggest war for every one that prophet Muhammad SAAW called it Greatest Straggle.

Be succeeding.

Backbiters in Quran Backbiters in Nahjolbalagha

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