Wednesday, June 4, 2008

(4) Anniversary of Liberation of Khorramshahr

Hello again. Several days ago was Khordad thirds, the day of Khoramshahr conquer. Koramshar is a beautiful city in southwest Iran. This city was occupied in the imposed war by Sadam hussain on Iran in 1980. But this occupation just was for 575 days not more and during the Fath Al_mobin operation Islam corps could occupy Khoramshahr.
Many pious and good people, the best ones have been martyred for this prosperity. Be live his memory and their wary would full of wayfarer.


The wallpaper that I want to release in this post surely is irrelevant by Khordad thirds. Tow very very beautifuls, in full HD quality and with providence idea in design – this is my opinion- wallpaper for download. To see them full size please just click on the thumbnail.
Thanks a lot
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The Mine

Barbed Wire

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