Thursday, June 5, 2008

(5) Ahlulbayt infallibility

Allah says in Noble Quran (Sora 33. Al-Ahzâb -his Parties- part of Aye 33)
Allah wishes only to remove ArRijs(Evil deeds and sins, etc) From you, O members of the family(of the Prophet SAAW), and to purify you with aThorough purification.


And in this post I send another couple of wallpapers with subject Ahlulbayt -peace be upon them- one about Imam Ali –PBUH- and another about Imam Hussein -PBUH-. I used my extremity attempt in designing that these wallpapers have been reusable for you if you want utilize them in your Islamic project or case-of course as I always attempted- and as last these are in full HD (1920×1080 x) quality.
Be succeeding.

Assiduity: Ahlulbayt -peace be upon them- = members of the family (of the Prophet SAAW). They are five. The prophet Muhammad –SAAW-, Imam Ali –PBUH-, Fatima –SA- prophets daughter , Imam Hassan –PBUH-, Imam Hussein –PBUH-.

Imam Hussein -PBUH-

Imam Ali -PBUH-

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