Wednesday, September 3, 2008

(24) Ramadan Karim

In the name of Allah

Salamon alykom


the month of Allah S.T has cameed. Some Doa fromholy Quran:

lord, do not cause our hearts to swerve after you have guided us. grant us your mercy. you are the embracing giver.
among my worshipers there were a party who said: "lord, we believed. forgive us and have mercy on us: you are the best of the merciful."
when the youths sought refuge in the cave, they said: 'lord give us from your mercy and furnish us with rectitude in our affair
when they appeared to goliath and his soldiers, they said: 'lord, pour upon us patience. make us firm of foot and give us victory against the nation of unbelievers.
todays wallper is in double full HD (3840x2400) with 16:10 ratio very high resolutions.

O'My lord bestow us ShafaĆ¢t of Ahlulbeyt pbut. Amen

Thank you

Bye for now

Ramadan karim

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