Thursday, March 5, 2009

(67) Imam Zaman Aj

In the name of Allah J.J.

Salamo alykom va rahmatollah

And for today another high quality wallpaper about Imam Mahdi A.J withe blue sky and very nic dandelion in fly and a gate new calligraphy of a persian famous poem about imam Zaman A.J.

Download and enjof yourself

O, the translation of the poem in the wallper is this: " I fear for the day you will come, if have not be at that time ( I died )".

it mean i love to see you in the day you return from your grate Ghaibah.

Jpg's info : 4320 x 2700 pixel and high quality 16/10 ratio widescreen hd wallper.

Thanks for visit

pray for me to Allah S.T keep me over the sins


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