Thursday, March 12, 2009

Article ( Changing wallpaper resolution )

In the name of Allah

This is a replay to smoe viewers comment.

Some of my viewer tell me about a no serious problem when they set my wallpaper to their desktop thus some text dosen't seam as normal quality.I
want to tell you the reson and the way for solving this unreal problem.

You know there isn't a unique resolution for client to serve on thier PC and every body pick the suitable one of his favorite, then I design my w
allpapers for highest resolution like dual monitors or full HD Tv's but the cuse of unreal rendering on low resolution monitor is for height of wa
llpers resolution quality. absolutly about some banner printing quality.

So how we can have a good render in low resolution monitor or not HD s or not LCD s monitor. It's really easy I tell you in tow step to do that as d
riking a glass of wtter. We need a photo design program like Photoshop in my case PS Cs4 portable (
You can download it from
with 68 mb its installation free and don't need registration, totally free if you need password for rar extracti
on its : ). After downloading pics you open it in PS Cs4 , then pres ctrl+shift+I togather then in the pop up dialog box, set the w
allper width equal your monitor resolution you had chosen then click Ok button.

border="0" alt="" src="" />

Now pers Alt+Ctrl+shift+S then in the pop ip dialogbox choose the jpg format , maximum quality of jpg in setup menu on
right side of that then show th path o save and click the Ok button.

Its over and you changed the wallpaper resolution & set
it with your monitor screen.

Pray for me in your prayer

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