Saturday, March 28, 2009

He is already off the Island!

I am exactly half way through "Robinson Crusoe" (believe me, I know. I am counting pages) and that cat-killing bastard is already off the island! What the hell is he going to do for the rest of the 199 pages? Is this going to become some kind of weird "Lost" time travel thing? Is he going to go on a speaking tour while his Man Friday carries his luggage? Will there be Zombies? (One can only hope.) I tell you if it wasn't for all the cannibalism in this book I'd be right bored.

So now I am really hauling ass to finish this because the most anticipated book of the year comes out in 2 weeks:
It actually got a "A" from Entertainment Weekly, the final word in all things literary. As some of you may know, I am reading Robbie Crusoe as an atonement for reading all of those crappy vampire novels. Once this is over I can go back to my steady diet of zombies, ghosts, and other nasties.

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