Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(83) Fatemiyeh Wallpaper

In the name of Allah S.T

Salamon alykom ve rahmatollah

Some of my viewer have request a wallpaper about Ayame Fatemiyeh because we are near to this decade that is belong to Martyrdom of Hazrate Zahra SA. Hazrate Zahra SA is the daughter of holy prophet of Islam Mohammad SAW, Allah has sent Surat Kawthar in her dignity. She was Imam Ali pbuh 's wife and mother of Imam Hussein and Imam Hassan and Hazrate Zaynab PBUT. She is Lady Lord of all women in the past , today and future generations.

this wallpaper is in totally black color and its a windows 7 style wallpaper. in threefold size of full HD its great quality wallper.


Hazrate Zahra sa

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