Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sounakc
    05-25 06:07 AM
    I am filing for I-485 for my wife based on my approved I-140 and pending I-485 (EB2). Under part 2 which option i should chose for her.



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    10-30 11:11 AM
    Check whether Hialeah Florida is your employer Jurisdiction.

    If so it might have transferred for background verification.

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  • krishna_777
    05-08 01:42 PM
    I am currently on the H1B 7th Year Extension with I-140 Approved stage from the existing company. My Priority date is Oct 2001 under India EB3. I will be moving to the fortune company starting from next month and they are ready to sponsor my green card with existing priority date. I got the copy of the 140 from my existing company and submitted the same to the new one.

    Couple of days I read in the immigration articles that EB2 & EB3 dates for India may move little bit during the summer months starting from June. In that case, what are the options available for me for filing I-485 if my dates becomes current.

    Can I request my old company to file for I-485 and move to new company on H1?? Or can I contact an attorney for filing my I-485 with my current documentation and work with new company on H1??

    Any help and guidence on this is really appreciated. I want to exercise all the possible options when the dates are becoming current for me. If I want to file the green card from the new company, I need to wait for 6 - 9 months. However, they will use the old priority date for filing the Labor & 140.

    Please help & guide me on this.

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  • here4gc
    04-17 12:37 AM
    I was recently invited by a fellow worker, who is spanish ( I am desi ) - to an event organized by CHIRLA - the Los angeles ( - Colation of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. It was a fund raiser - with Fun, a few bigwigs were also present and people were paying $100/person to enter. Although this was a glitzy function with girls in gowns and guys dressed up in party wear..with drinks and lights etc..the gathering was all spanish, and there were many families as well as lot of college kind / working youth were there...

    This gave me an idea about IV and how IV is now a known organization, both within the immigrant community and now also in the USCIS as well as with lawmakers and AILA, how about organizing a fund raiser in DC - invite AILA, maybe Rajiv Khanna and maybe someone from the CIS community. It can be a good platform both for IV to make an impact as well as generating funds and interest in what IV is doing.

    Maybe have these people spend 10 minutes each on the stage, with some good grub (sponsors can be approached) and maybe light drinks (not sure) - but all in all a nice atmosphere and a forum to help us not fight with USCIS but to make them understand and appreciate our pain.

    I know we have done this in college and all, but a 10 minute short play by the Immigrant community (DESIS) - should be fun as well as an eye opener to these guys..

    Guys, don't shoot me down..its just my humble suggestion, however if you guys think differently I am fine with it. I just expressed what I felt but it is for everybody to decide.


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  • coolpal
    03-25 10:25 AM
    You can only apply for extension 6 months before exipry.. so the earliest you can do is Mar 30th. Right now, USCIS is very keen on consulting cases, and RFE for client details is pretty much the norm. I got a similar RFE for which I responded, and nothing happened for more than a month. So I applied for premium processing, and they sent another RFE again. I am still waiting on the RFE, but I think it could be because my initial contract agreement (that my company probably sent in the response for RFE) had an end date of 2/28. It is now extended till June, but that is how my client works...

    My advice,
    1. try not to accept to be on bench... ask your employer to pay while on bench.
    2. Apply for h1 extension well before your contract ends or do premium processing if the contract ends in less than 3 months.
    3. Be prepared for an RFE. Make sure you can get client letters and such

    hope you won't get into what I am experiencing for the last 11 months :(

    pal :)

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  • shana04
    03-08 10:36 PM
    Please share the information with everybody. I am also in same situation.


    Moved from GC sponsoring company A to a different employer B using H1B transfer (expenses paid by me).

    Now I see that the market is so bad and there are no contracting calls. The only calls that I get is for full time. And I do not know if they would give me a offer letter that is specified in my labor (which is different than what I work).

    I am trying to asses the risk of using EAD compared to staying on h1(after spending so much money for transferring).

    Please provide your thoughts of using EAD.


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  • simple1
    06-23 01:42 PM
    While I laugh at that guy. I would like to remind you that we are living in a republic and not in a democracy.

    Any one can be a self hurting fool using his/her "Individual�s God-given, unalienable rights". While in a democracy individuals worry about majority rule and popular thought.

    I dont understand why Obama (a former senior lecturer in constitutional law ) refers to this country as democracy.

    HELLO Chicago. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer... "

    While the founders were fearful of democracy ( the mob rule ).

    Both India and USA are republics not democracies.

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  • fcres
    07-20 12:22 PM
    Hi All,
    I received I485 receipts from my lawyer, they are missing my priority date which is in sept 2002. Not sure why they are missing..
    Did any one come across the same situation....

    what does it mean

    The PDs are missing in our RNs also. I guess thats the std.


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  • milindt
    03-12 11:42 AM
    Thanks for your response. I did check the extension form many times and also reviewed it from another person. Because of their same last name and similar first name we all missed the mistake. We took an infopass appointment for tomorrow. Also we did go to CBP but they told us to file I 102 for my mother-in-law to get new I-94. Also I think I have to send the my father-in-law's I-94 to the following address for correction
    1084 South Laurel Road
    London, KY 40744

    Unfortunately now my mother-in-law has to go back early.
    One thing I learned it to always check the full content of the I-94 after arrival.

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  • mm1
    10-16 10:00 PM
    Can anyone please tell, can the employee be trained by the employee before activation of visa i.e. 1st of October. The employer is not paying employee any wages for his training. Can his training be legal ? Is he allowed to sign any documents on behalf of the company during this training ?


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  • pmat
    06-06 09:51 AM
    There is a change of status form available on USCIS website. It is called I-539: D

    Go through the instructions of this form. I followed the instructions in this form and sent every document they asked for. My wife also changed her status from F1 to H4. After you send everything, you will get a receipt in 2-3 weeks and approval notice will take ~3 months.

    All the best.

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-27 05:02 PM
    is it absolutely safe to travel with pending i 485 app with valid h1b stamping with receipt notice and completed fp.?we are kind of confuded whether to plan for the travel...We have not yet received the actual advance parole. i read somwhere that if u leave the country wth pending i 485 but without ap ur appl is considered this true.?..we have the option to change the trip to apr too.In a nutshell is it completely safe to travel on 485 pending appl without ap with valid stamping.?:confused:
    Has any1 wth the same situation has gone and come back without any issues?
    Gurus ur input s greatly appreciated.

    Whats your PD? If you are on H1, have a stamping and already have the 485 receipt, the only possible issue with travel is if your 485 gets approved when you are abroad. People have still managed to enter on H1 as PoE officer apparently does not realize about your 485 approval.

    If its a recent PD, then no issues, you can travel (Actually my lawyer told me I can travel even without getting the 485 receipt, but thats apparently a bit of a grey area)


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  • loku
    07-23 12:15 PM
    please reply ASAP

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  • GCtogo
    07-25 06:11 PM
    Yes. I am working for a Consulting company and I filed labour in PERM process.


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  • drona
    08-13 07:37 PM
    Southern California members,

    We have organized an Immigration Voice booth this Saturday August 18th at Pierce College, Woodland Hills at the IALA (India Independence) event. 14,000 people attended this event last year. Our aim is to talk to the general public about our issues, increase our membership and to generate publicity for the DC Rally. We will be handing out printed material, giving presentations and discussing our issues with the public.

    The booth will be open from 3pm to 11pm. Come volunteer at the booth or visit us on the day. For more information on how you can volunteer, join the Southern California chapter here:

    Note: We are aware that retrogression is a problem that affects people from all nationalities, however, due to the vast number of visa holders of Indian origin, the idea to take part in this event was proposed by a few members in our group. The So Cal IV group will gladly take part in membership drive events by other nationalities should those members come forward and propose such ideas.

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  • thakkarbhav
    01-20 02:32 PM
    You can apply for multiple H1B at the same time. No need to pay Company but they will aks you to join once H1B gets approved. so at that point you need to decide which one is better for you. You can work for both of them if one of them is ready to offer you part time work. Please Get attorney advice on that part.


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  • NikNikon
    September 11th, 2006, 08:44 PM
    I had a G lens for a year or so then one day it just stopped working, my D lens I bought used and it's still working today. Also a D70 owner. The G was cheap and ended up kind of being a disposable in some ways, it was cheap enough so I'm not out that much.

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  • gvenkat
    01-11 04:23 PM

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  • pani_6
    02-25 01:36 PM
    I have EAD and AP and expired H1-b stamp ..although h1 b is valid..can any of you tell me please if I need a Transit Visa through Frankfurt

    08-16 04:15 PM
    Thanks deepimpact.

    Appreciate your quick response. I checked with my travel agent and he said transit visa is not required for Germany. But I am getting different response from some others. By any chance do you know if the procedure still holds good.


    02-12 04:38 PM
    I guess it is possible but if your H1 transfer was approved then you might have to apply for another transfer.

    No, you don't have to apply for a new H1 if the previous company did cancel your H1 and the H1 has not expired. A dormant H1 can be reactivated at any time.

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