Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sina
    08-20 01:36 PM
    You can stay here as long as the I797 is valid (there is no rule to stamp it within a year). Do you have H1B stamped frome before or is this your first H1? If the first one then you have to get it stamped when you travel out of US. If this is not the first one then you can travel back on your old H1 stamp with new I797.

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  • desi3933
    12-15 02:45 PM
    My wife last time entered to US with H4 in June 2010. Then she applied for F1 status and got approved in Nov 2010.

    H4 visa stamping Expires on Feb 20111.

    She is planning to go India by Jan 2011 for 2 weeks. She is planning to come before Visa expires.
    Is it possible to enter US with old H4 visa stamping?
    Do we really need to stamp visa with F1?

    F1 visa stamp is needed if she plans to continue her studies on F1 and would like to avail OPT.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • kaisersose
    07-18 08:02 AM
    I just read this line from the USCIS release


    USCIS�s announcement today allows anyone who was eligible to apply under Visa Bulletin No. 107 a full month�s time to do so.


    It appears Labors approved after July 31 cannot apply for 485 as they would not have been eligible under bulletin No. 107.

    if yes, then this is something that should be clearly mentioned somewhere.

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    06-17 02:57 PM
    A# wont start with EAC..

    Read above post, It is a number starting with A and looks like A099 XXX XXX usually found on I140. I dont think this number is alloted anytime before an immigrant petition is filed.

    MRSR question for you. My sons/wifes I94# is different based on actual I94 (last entry) and H4 approval notices (done after entry). Mine remained same. Dilemma which number should i use in their forms.


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  • paulinasmith
    10-09 05:32 PM
    Hi pkrg21,

    So before I-485 becomes current, as long as I-140 gets approved, then we are okay to lose current job, either laid off or change job? I think I-140 approval doesn't take long, right? It's just I-485 takes forever?

    I'm quite new to this process. My employer just filed Labor Certificate last week. I'm also a little worried if my employer goes bankruptcy some day.


    No the process must be completely restarted if you loose your job after I-140 approval.The only thing you get is the priority date.If your I-485 is already applied and it is pending for 180 days then there is no issue and you are safe.

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  • ilikekilo
    01-13 08:52 PM


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  • sr123
    12-07 01:41 PM
    Can someone from core team update with exact title and number. I was able to find the following

    H.R.5744: Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2006
    S.2691: Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2006

    Can someone clarify if I got them right?

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  • SPAD3S
    03-23 02:30 AM
    Nice stamp....Kirupa should do a thing were he picks like 25 peeps in a stamp contest and turns them into real stamps and peopl could buy them off the site for like 5 dollars or somthin lol


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  • Robert Kumar
    12-04 10:30 AM

    1.Did anybody have recently got H1B stamping done in Hyderabad consultate.
    2. Any issues with getting appointment dates.
    3. I have all the documentation in place including pay stubs in the last 8 years.
    4. Is it preferable to get stamping done in Canada than in Hyderabad,
    5. How many days does it take to get the passport back.

    Please share me your experiences,

    Thank you,

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-03 04:50 PM
    VIA*Press Trust of India / Hyderabad*May 13, 2009, 15:45 IST (

    "US Consulate General, Hyderabad, Cornelis M Keur addressing media persons at the 'meet the press' programme organised by Press Club Hyderabad said that due to economic slowdown the world over, the US government has taken a decision to tie up its unemployment problem which is nine per cent. But, there was no significant change in visa policy. "We continue to issue H1B visas with little more scrutiny," Keur said.

    He said that, at the same time, the US government has framed a policy for the companies to give preference to native Americans in employment.

    Obama administration has taken up a practical approach in establishing relations with the countries while there were efforts in strengthening relations with India because of the "Brain Borrowing", he said.

    Keur said there are 3 million Indians in the US who are contributing to its prosperity specially mentioning about the Andhraites who marked their presence in various fields in the US including IT.

    Keur said the Hyderabad Consulate, the fourth in the country was established due to the growing trade and development in the state in the IT, biotechnology and pharma sectors."

    More... (


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  • tabletpc
    09-20 11:43 AM
    I am kind of worried with all these.
    I presently work for company A whose first 3 years of visa will expire in oct end.
    In july sometime I requested company B to file a transfer and they did and it got approved .the date starts from july.However i told company B that i need more time t join them and they agreed to it.

    While i was talking to compay A attorney for extension i mentioned to him that i ahve another H1b approved from company B. To which he said ," if that H1b is filed as concurrents then its not a problem. But if its filed as "change in emplyer" then you should have been working for that emplyer from the start of its approval." However company A attorney agreed to jsut file extnesion wihtout mentioning the another approval.

    I then asked the i-129 petion frm company B and found that its filed as "change in emplyoer". I asked him about the problmes i might face in extnesion with compnay A visa to which he said.."Don't don't need to mention about second approval while extneding with company A. You won't have problem gettign extension". it need to be filed as "change in emplyer not concurent.Is this true....???

    Also I filed for 485,ead and ap in aug..jsut FYI. But i would like to be on H1b as i am single and don't want to mess up my far its clean. Do you think i could be out of status as i am not working for company B which filed tranfer as change in emplyoer..???

    Can anyone give some inputs for me....

    thanks in advace guys...

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  • Eb3_frustrated
    03-15 09:37 AM
    As per the calendar below the senate is in recess from 20-24th March


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  • belmontboy
    09-15 09:33 AM
    I've filed for the I-140 with EB-1 category in business, then additional evidence was requested and finally received a denial. I would like to know:
    1. What are the chances to get approved after appealing? Depends on why it was denied
    2. If I were to appeal can I present new evidence? yes you should, else why would you even appeal??
    3. After filing the appeal, how long should I expect to receive an answer from DC office? should take atleast 4 months
    4. If I ask for additional time before appealing, what are the chances that the additional time will be approved?
    5. Is it better to appeal or to request a motion to reopen whenever I gather the new info to defend my case?
    6. Do I have better chances if I skip both appealing and motion to reopen and focus on re filing a new case?Depends on why it was denied


    Answer inline.
    BTW what was the reason for denial?

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  • jijiewang
    01-24 01:42 AM

    Last year my husband got laid off. At that time he was on H1 visa, 140 approved and 485 pending. He applied and got AP, and then left U.S in March 2009. AP is valid until March 02, 2010.

    Now he wants to get back to U.S. and try his luck finding a job before AP expires.

    My question is what are his chances to be able to get in U.S considering

    1)He has stayed outside of U.S for about 11 months.
    2)He is not employed by any U.S company.




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  • nlssubbu
    03-24 03:13 PM
    Hello everyone,

    It is extremely unfortunate but I have lost my green card. I can�t seem to find it anywhere. I know that it has not been stolen, just lost! I need to apply for a replacement green card ASAP. I need to submit some initial documents along with my I-90 form for it. I have been trying to search on the internet regarding it but I can�t seem to find a clear answer.

    Long story short, could somebody please tell me what initial documents are there to submit along with my I-90 form? I have a copy of my original green card, but is there anything else required? Am I required to submit my photos along with my form?

    I would highly appreciate if someone could reply to my queries ASAP.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    When my wife lost it, I sent the copy of the green card along with I-90. I also went to the local USCIS office to get the stamp of I-551 on her passport as well.

    I believe they will schedule for fingerprinting and photo will be taken at that time. (eventually we did found her missing GC and cancelled the request and hence did not go through the entire process) :)


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  • pn11
    01-20 02:27 PM

    Currently i am in US on h4 visa and had been looking for H4-H1 transfer.
    I searched for job for almost 1 yr and i received an offer from A earlier but now i got a better offer from B.
    I chose to apply for both the companies. Both employer are filing for my H1 b.

    My question is
    1. Are there chances that my visa will get rejected because of multiple application?
    2. In case i get visa for both the employer what are the consequences as i am willing to work with B.
    3. Do i have to pay anything to A?



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  • vin13
    07-19 10:59 AM
    LOL..its good to have a sense of humor.

    I wish there was a way to know if a case is pre-adjudicated.

    This would help us to not file for H1 extensions, EAD, and AP. Which inturn would free up time for the officers to work on improving processing dates.

    Offcourse, i am still happy about the date movement.

    It just makes you wonder , if they USCIS was deligent in not wasting visas in previous years, even EB-3 would have had a reasonable date.

    priority date:March 05
    July 07 filer

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  • sujijag
    09-16 02:15 PM
    EB3 is an overloaded ship, either you had to abandon(read porting to Eb2) or unload few of them (removing 245(i) cases from Eb3) to reach the target.
    Abandoning can take an year for most of us - PERM Approval time line for now.
    Unloading will never happen in this economic scenario
    So we had to look for lifeboat saving to do the miracle. If any one finds it let me know am ready to grab it.

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  • chanduv23
    02-14 07:38 PM
    IV seems to have a lot of folks here on a h1b with a non profit organization. My wife is currently doing her residency in a non profit organization on a h1b so basically she is not subject to the cap.
    After she finishes, and she looks for jobs, is it possible to get a h1b transfer in a profit organization without being subject to cap? Or H1b transfer is possible only with an non profit organization.

    Any inputs will be well appreciated.

    09-09 10:51 PM

    You have come so far, and waited it will Happen soon, have faith in God.

    I understand the pain and difficulties we come across, we just need to have faith and hope for good.

    my 2 paise.

    09-25 03:31 PM
    after bi-specialization of centers
    140 is taking more time.
    I filed 140 in May second week
    no response yet:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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